COVID-19 Statement

30th November 2020

Hi everyone - its been some time since our last update, and whilst there are the first few whisks of light at the end of the tunnel, its not clear when its going to be safe or sensible to return to normal.....if indeed we even choose to return to the old version of normal.

We haven't forgotten that we have a conference to run though - we would very much like to hold an event in 2021, and we're monitoring progress, healthcare advice and community appetite closely.

Keep you eyes peeled for future news from us, hope to see you soon!

28th March 2020

Hi everyone - we promised an update at the beginning of April once we had seen how the global situation had progressed. Well, with UK now in full lockdown and with no likely idea when that is likely to change, we are forced to take the only sensible decision and postpone the event until later in the year. This is of course very disappointing as we were all looking forward to meeting you all, however some things in life are beyond our control and we have to accept that.

To those who got tickets - as mentioned below this is a postponement not a cancellation. Unless you've already decided that you don't want to attend when we reschedule please keep hold of your ticket - we will notify you when a new date has been agreed

To those who applied to speak - we've been hugely impressed by the abstracts that have been submitted, but as it stands we have no agenda to fill. The organisers have discussed what to do here and have decided that we are going to close the call for papers as planned on the 31st March, and when we have a new date scheduled we will contact you and ask if you are still happy for your proposal to be considered. If yes, great! If not, no worries! If you've come up with some new ideas and want to submit an extra proposal for consideration, even better! Without you we wont be able to hold the conference at all, so we will keep you informed on progress

To those who volunteered to sponsor - we are fortunate that we were at the stage of planning where we had not collected any sponsorship, but had reached agreement with a number of sponsors to provide the support needed to host the event. It is reasonable to expect that at least some of you will have had specific commercial reasons for offering to sponsor an event in June, and that those may have changed by the time we are able to host the event later in the year. Once we have an idea on when we are likely to be able to proceed we will contact you with these details, and will ask if you would still like to be involved as a sponsor. If not then it will be understood, if so then great!

Once again thank you for bearing with us in these difficult times, but as we can all appreciate there are much more important things happening in the world right now. We will keep you updated on any major announcements as and when they occur, but for now keep safe and keep going!

The Cambridgeshire Test Conference team

15th March 2020

Hi everyone - in light of the COVID-19 outbreak reaching pandemic levels we thought we should provide an update on the current intentions for Cambridgeshire Test Conference. Whilst there are currently no UK government or WHO issued restrictions that would prevent us from proceeding with the event as planned on the 25th June, a number of us will have had company wide instructions to limit travel and conference attendance. On top of that, we don't necessarily know whether the current guidelines will change and if they do, when that is likely to happen. A number of other conferences have cancelled or moved to being hosted online, whilst others have decided to press on until told otherwise. The organisers met yesterday to discuss what we should do, and have decided that we will not be cancelling the event, and we don't feel that switching to a virtual conference is the right thing for us either.

We are therefore left with two options - postpone until later in the year, or proceed as planned on the 25th June. We will look to give an update in a few weeks time at the beginning of April, so please bear with us for a little longer whilst we await to see how the global situation evolves.

Important to note - the conference WILL go ahead so please for now do not cancel your tickets, and we will confirm to you shortly whether there are any changes to the scheduled date.

If you have any questions that aren't answered by the above, please contact us using and we will try to provide an answer.